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Since the recent launch of ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the radar of every organization and every professional around the globe. This new service is gaining momentum and people are trying to figure out how to best commercialize it. There are still lots of issues that we all need to be aware off. Such as the results might not always be correct. So there needs to be human thinking involved as well. And AI tools like ChatGPT are no replacement for human interaction or verified sources of information.

ChatGPT has already sets records. The tool crossed the 100 million user mark in just 3 months’ time. Making it the fastest growing ‘app’ of all time. Even surpassing TikTok, who needed 9 months to do so. And whether people learn how to use ChatGPT to ask it questions in search of funny answers, to see how well it can create content or to find and correct a bug in software code, one thing remains clear: the genius of this AI tool isn’t in how innovative the idea of it is, but in how accessible and natural it feels.

The popularity of ChatGPT and AI in general reveals the direction that modern business is taking. Gone are the days when manual inputs were the only way to manage customers or manufacture products. Now, companies are embracing automation, digital transformation, and intelligent tools, like ERP and CRM software, that make every day work easier.

Question is what Microsoft’s plans look like for the short term. The company already unveiled a new version of its internet browser Edge that embeds Bing into its toolbar. On a webpage of a long document, like a company’s quarterly earnings report, a user can prompt Bing to summarize the information. Or compare it to the earnings of a competitor. On a social media site, a consumer can even prompt Bing to generate a draft of a post.

Here’s a number of other use cases that Microsoft is working on for the short term:

  • the automatic creation of travel schedules
  • writing recommendation letters
  • summarize documents quickly and accurately
  • comparing products and services prior to purchase
  • automatically create minutes and summaries via Teams

Mind you – these are just some relatively quick-wins for the short term. On the mid- to long-term Microsoft sees great opportunities to include (even more) AI in her Dynamics 365 business solutions.

“I think that AI technology is going to reshape pretty much every software category,” Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said. He compared it to past pillars of technology like search, mobile and cloud, but said that even more than those paradigm shifts, AI is the closest the sector has come to a “Mosaic moment,” which introduced the web browser to the world.