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There are hardly any organizations that are happy with it if their ERP/CRM implementation or digital transformation initiative is only successful in a second or third attempt. After all, the success of such a project is of crucial importance? So you better stop buying software licenses and services today. And just focus on acquiring project success! Here’s some advice on how to do that.

There is no doubt that you want to buy successful projects. But that is far from easy! After all, many preconditions must be met for project success. While missing one or two of those conditions can quickly lead to a half or complete failure.

Do you have any idea what a failed project could cost your company? That seems like a great question to answer before you start the next selection project or migration to the cloud. It’s about (a lot of) money, energy, opportunity costs and reputation damage! But why are so many organizations still satisfied with an offer consisting of some separate software modules and services – purchased at a competitive price? Instead of spending a little more for quality, completeness and coherence?

And just as important – why do so many implementation partners allow their projects to fail because of your lack of willingness to change? Instead of thoroughly preparing yourself for this change process? Are they insufficiently aware of the success formula? Or do they lack the guts to confront you with these demands? Afraid of being the first off the shortlist?


Sensible companies stop buying ERP/CRM software licenses today. And make a start with buying project success. Ask your potential implementation partners for their recipe for a successful project. Provided with a list of customers where they have successfully applied this recipe. That immediately forms a good indicator of their approach.

Of course, when you buy a successful project, you run the risk of initially being a bit more expensive. But then please realize that those extra costs are never as high as the costs of a half or complete failed project!