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Amidst widespread uncertainty, organisations face pressure these days to profitably innovate and improve resilience. But they must do that for less money. Managers see themselves confronted with recession, inflation, energy costs and war and have made “Do more with less” the order of the day across organizations of all sizes. After two years of heavy investment, many businesses are reducing capital spending on technology and taking a closer look at IT outlays and ROI. What does this mean for your organisation? And how can you best do more with less?


At the end of 2022, Microsoft launched a new campaign theme, “Do more with less” in response to these global economic challenges. In a message to partners and employees, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella extended with “You are the change agents who make doing more with less possible. Less time, less cost and less complexity. But with more innovation, more agility and more resilience. Doing less with more doesn’t mean working harder and longer”, he also said.

Here are a few ideas to do more with less in the Dynamics 365 ERP domain.

Moving from on-premise to the cloud

The use of on-premise based software includes many different cost categories. Some of them are difficult to trace. Or even poorly visible. In addition, many of these costs are unpredictable and therefore difficult to budget. Moving your ERP solution to the cloud means outsourcing the management and administration of the solution at a guaranteed quality level and fixed, predictable and lower total costs.

Switching from customisations to standard solutions

Customisations are among the most expensive parts of your ERP solution. Not only in the purchase and implementation. But certainly also in constantly adapting to new wishes and new versions. Switching to the use of standard extensions or ISV solutions will help you limit your cost at a higher level of quality, documentation and support. In Dynamics 365 Business Central. But also towards other Microsoft apps such as Teams, Excel and Outlook.

Skip exotic requirements from your list

Preventing additional and often unnecessary costs starts with a certain self-control when drawing up the requirements and wishes packages. If you manage to avoid the exotic requirements, you will benefit from lower costs, less project risk and a shorter lead time to Go Live.


As a current or future user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can do (much) more with less when you make the most of the standard solution, increase automation and take advantage of the many extension that are available out of the box.

Interested in understanding what that could look like for your organization?